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Published: 03rd March 2011
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Timeshare ownership of Interval World resorts is a wonderful way to vacation, but did you know that there are other exchange companies besides Interval? Perhaps you are new to the concept of Interval World or timeshare exchange. Perhaps you still may not fully understand how Intervalworld timeshare exchange works or timeshare exchange in general. Whether you use or another timeshare exchange company this year, timeshare is an exciting way to ensure your family has wonderful exciting vacation options each and every year for life.

What Is Interval International: Interval International (IntervalWorld) is the second largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world today. Interval International has been in existence for over 20 years and an industry giant in terms of members and number of properties within its network. Interval World was founded in 1976 to compete directly with exchange.

What Is is the web address for Interval International members to log in and search for Intervalworld resorts available for exchange.

Timeshare Exchange Alternatives: Timeshare owners are demanding better tools and services to manage and use their timeshare. They want the web-based and simple and easy to use. "Make my life and timeshare management easier, please!" is the battle cry. Owners want to connect with other owners and exchange timeshares for free.

The Network of Interval Resorts: The Interval World Directory is a network of resort properties in over 100 countries. is a leader in the timeshare industry. One of the major complaints about Interval is that if your resort is not a member of Interval International then you cannot join IntervalWorld. Or if the resort that you want to trade for is not part of the Interval Directory, then it is not eligible for you. By definition, Intervalworld is considered a "Closed club". This is the model that the industry has operated under since IntervalWorld began. It's caused resorts to sign exclusive agreements with Interval and payments to resorts for signing an exclusive agreement. Many resorts are not amenable to signing exclusive agreements and frustration with this "old style" model has begun and new timeshare exchange services have popped up.

Intervalworld Directory: Intervalworld's far-reaching resort network spans 3,000 resorts in 100 countries. Some timeshare owners purchase more than one timeshare or interval week. Many owners, in fact, find that owning multiple weeks gives them even more freedom. Trade your week at your home resort (whether you own an Intervalworld timeshare or not) for a week at another timeshare resort within the Intervalworld Directory. If you are an Intervalworld member, you are limited to only resorts that are part of the Intervalworld network. Fiji, Sydney, and Orlando are all options available for timeshare exchange . Using an alternative services, you are open to exchange at any resort in the world. These exchange services are considered "Open Clubs".

What are the Fees of Interval World: Annual membership fee is $100 and each timeshare exchange has a fee of $150 to $200. Timeshare exchange can open new opportunities for vacations for your family or for a couple. Owners want timeshare exchange to be easy, flexible, and with many options. Many owners are comfortable using Intervalworld timeshare exchange for their next vacation. Those looking for alternatives should search Bing for "timeshare exchange". Nowadays your timeshare doesn't have to be utilized at only Intervalworld resorts. You are able to exchange for any resort that is a member of the service you are utilizing.

How to Make Exchanges Happen with Intervalworld: All you have to do to exchange your property is deposit your Interval vacation property in the exchange inventory bank. You can deposit your week by calling Interval on the phone. This means that you're essentially giving it back to Intervalworld. Your timeshare's rank (Gold Crown or Silver Crown) and season (Red, White or Blue season) is determined by Interval. Since there are 3,000 Intervalworld directory resorts and many members participating in exchanges at any given time, your chances of scheduling a vacation are pretty good.

Bottomline on INTERVALWORLD: Timeshare ownership is a great way to ensure your family has great vacations. You can use (log into to exchange your timeshare or try a new service. Timeshare owners around the world are having so much fun meeting and trading online. Either way, I wish you the most memorable vacation of your life this year.

------ is a wonderful alternative to IntervalWorld or Timeshare Exchange to exchange your timeshare for over 4,000 resorts this year. Come join timeshare owners from all over the world to exchange your timeshare and have fun!

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